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5 types of Recruiters you will want to avoid

5 types of recruiters you will want to avoid

Looking for a job is a job itself, everybody knows that. It involves time and dedication, while sometimes it can lead to stress and burnout, especially after a set amount of time you are out of the market.

According to the role and the industry you are recruiting for, a different approach can be taken but generally speaking treating a candidate should be considered as a delicate matter, because it’s what it is. 

The psychological leverage a recruiter wields on a candidate its very often not taken into consideration as it should. You might play an important role find for someone who’s going through a tough time and your contribution could influence him/her in some way, without you even being aware of that. 

Let’s put this clear- in the same moment you tell me: ‘’I’ll get back to you as soon as I have a feedback’’ you leave me with the hope that the role could be mine. And I will be waiting for you till you tell me I have been selected for a further step. If not, I’d like to know as well so I can concentrate my energies on something else and keep going in my job search. 


 We have grouped 5 recurrent types of recruiters you will want to avoid during your job search. Enjoy!


 1.The disappearance wizard

The typical case where he gets in touch enthusiastically saying he has so many roles where you’d be a perfect fit, he is so sure to get you something soon. You reply back with your cv rigorously in word format as requested, filled up with expectations and hopes reminding yourself ‘’If he said I’d make a perfect candidate, he must have a point..’’

But your expectations are likely to collapse very soon as you’ve been trying to get some useful information from him, calling every 3 days but the reply seems to be a registered voice. Every time he goes like ‘’still no response from the client/the HR was busy/sick/on holidays/ I’ll let you know as soon as something happens..’’ but nothing happens and he ends up in slowly disappearing from the scene. 


  2. The Phantom

This is an all-star one: no response to your emails, not picking up the calls, the receptionist keeps telling you ‘’he’s not at his place right now, I’ll pass on the message.’’  But then one day, he’s back. You wish you could reply saying ‘’Hey, you’re here. Glad you’re alive.”

‘’Dear….I’m sorry if I get back to you in delay, but actually the position has already been filled. Oh, really?! I wouldn’t have expected that. I’d rather think my cv was being reviewed further before proceeding in the next steps..

After all, it’s only 2 months since I heard from you – but not big deal, thanks for letting me know. 


3. The rushed (for no reason)

Push-push- push, hold. In pure Dubai-style, these subjects literally think you have nothing to do during the day except waiting for their call in front of the laptop ready to edit your word cv according to their instructions. In case you forget, he will be there to remind you after half an hour, because is urgent and he needs to have that cv on his desk within a couple of hours. Of course, once you send it, he will disappear too. 


4. The investigator 

‘’Hey! How are you? Just double checking if you’re still available. I might have something up for you. 

Oh that’s great! Do you want me to send over my application?

Oh no, not yet. I was just checking on you today and in case something materializes I’ll let you know’’.

WTF?? If you call me I would like it to be for a valid reason, and not just to double checl reminding me I’m unemployed. Maybe the protocol requires them to conduct a pre-investigation or something, but if you reach out please make it worth it, I’m sure all the job seekers would agree with me on that. 


5. The fake recruiter 

These random people gather a bunch of cvs and then sell them to other organizations. 

Fact – this exists too. They send you an email mentioning a fictitious position asking you for your cv, salary expectations and other random questions. Once you are done replying to this email asking for further info about the company, how did they get your profile, when are they expecting to fill the position – you slowly realise it’s a scam. 

If you’re up for a new opportunity and eager to roll up your sleeves for a new challenge, don’t give up: keep these points in mind when actively looking for a job. So when you recognise any of these signals in a recruiter, don’t waste too much time relying on him. 

Hold tight: one day you’ll be the one saying ‘’Dear recruiter, thanks for the call but no, I’m not available any more, I already have a great job!’’



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