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Chemistry: How to mix stuff together in Doha, Qatar

How to mix stuff together in Doha, Qatar explained by DR.Alessandro Sinopoli 

Qatar Environment and Energy Research Institute of Doha has welcomed the brilliant talent Alessandro Sinopoli as a Post Doc. 2 years ago, who has chosen to chase his passion as a chemist. The easy does it concept was far from his mindset but nevertheless he is coping quite well with the new working lifestyle.

Comparing the European system to the Middle-Eastern one it’s an obvious consequence of living in such a different destination but despite the absence of mum’s pasta and mediterranean climate, Qatar is giving him the chance to apply both his genius with avant-gard equipments and modern facilities inside a culture-excellence promoting research hub.

‘’Having a lot of money is not enough, just doing what you love is not enough, but if you have the combination, well.. that’s what success is to me’’- that’s his recipe of success. But a the same time, bear in mind that at one point of any career you will have to face and then take decisions while asking yourself what are you ready to sacrifice (family, friends, money, good food). ‘’Sometimes you have to get a punch to punch harder’’ he says, and see the bigger picture to get the answer.

Have you figured out yet what are you ready to sacrifice? While thinking about it, hear what Alessandro has to say.

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