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Burning the Midnight Oil with Katy Chiu, Vice President at Tell Group in Dubai

Burning the Midnight Oil with Katy Chiu, Vice President at Tell Group in Dubai

Katy is a senior financial professional with over 8 years of experience in the field, coming from Hong Kong which is a very well established financial centre and has been living in the UAE for the last 5 and half years focusing on emerging financial markets.

Growing up in HK she’s been used to the definition of being successful compared to others: a competitive environment struggling for the first place and based on the concept ‘’I must do it better than you’’. But seeing different realities and becoming a grown adult Katy has reshaped her concept of success which has turned out in ‘evolution’. In a nutshell, success is now based just on herself as a person. Breaking down personal goals and desires into pieces and ticking off the boxes is helping Katy in reaching a sense of personal achievement.

You can tell she has drive and commitment towards her role as a Vice President where working hours are just numbers, deadlines tight, and stress is your best fellow. ‘’On happy days you come to the office in the morning and leave at 7pm, but some others you end up staying till 12 or 1am, and even if you go home afterwards you have to make yourself available for any call’’ she says.

Hence, if you’re really into the job and industry, your first skill should be positive attitude to tackle these challenges on a daily basis. ‘’Over the last 8 years” she says, ”I saw many people joining the financial industry and gave up after some time cause it was too much’’.

Not to discourage, but it’s definitely better to be aware of what to expect at one point and take decisions accordingly and with the right mindset!

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