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Dr. Celeste Lo Turco: Expert in Sovereign Wealth Funds

Dr. Celeste Lo Turco: Expert in Sovereign Wealth Funds and Vice President Corporate Strategy shares her vision on Success Sustainability

When it comes to Finance, we use to associate the subject to clever and successful individuals. Celeste Lo Turco is with no doubt one of them, born and raised in Italy with the determination to go international since the beginning of her career. After her studies, she had the chance to undertake her PhD at Georgetown University in the United States winning the Fulbright Visiting Research PHD scholarship from Luiss Guido Carli, which marked the initiation of her path towards an ocean of opportunities.

She points out how, especially at the beginning of one’s career, it is essential to develop other soft skills along with your technical ones: in fact it might not be enough to be the best in your field unless you have a combination of technicality and attitude.

But how do we keep our success ‘sustainable’ once we reach it?

The answer is perhaps linked to the private sphere of each one’s life, balancing out when something is missing on the other side and viceversa.

Because being successful on the professional side and having no one to share these successes with, might be frustrating at times. McCandless’ famous quote might be appropriate here ‘’Happiness is only real when shared’’.

We should then try to commit to both as far as possible, in order to voice unbalanced situations.

But Celeste is not just up to business, she’s very much into equestrian sports as well: she’s been practicing show jumping for many years and successfully obtained national and international placings competing in Italy and the UAE.

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