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Home Entrepreneurs Connecting the Dots with Charul C.Jaitly, Managing Partner at Mātiti Group

Connecting the Dots with Charul C.Jaitly, Managing Partner at Mātiti Group

Connecting the Dots with Charul C.Jaitly, Managing Partner at Mātiti Group

Having collected over 16 years of global corporate experience across the Middle East, The Caribbeans, Canada and Europe to mention some, Charul decided to apply her expertise and efforts on her own business, something she had always dreamed of. She wanted to recreate something that could help out companies experiencing difficulties arisen from their growth, being able to provide a customized solution according to a specific industry.  

From this idea Mātiti Group was born: melting her global background with her partner’s experience they shaped a concept spinning around the willing of creating a grid, literal meaning of the Maori word Mātiti originating from the New Zealand culture. The Company is made up of 3 core segments: Mātiti People, Mātiti Tech and Mātiti Consulting. Each portfolio offers unique solutions focused on strategic advice, talent, systems and solutions. Mātiti’s core philosophy revolves around understanding & converting their clients vision & ideas into impactful solutions.

As her Business deals primarily with people and the collection of data, Charul highlights the importance of having the right measures to gather, protect and mitigate the risks connected to the data collection, a challenge that each business owner faces nowadays.

But since she never backs down she recognizes as source of inspiration the Apple Magnate Steve Jobs, who always fought for what he fiercely believed in, and who regained trust of people around him even when everything seemed lost. 

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