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Enhancing Education Through Tech Innovation Programs

Education Technology: Enhancing Children’s Arabic Proficiency Through Fun-Tech Innovation Programs. A Chat with a Marketing Director Supriya Dominica

Technology and Education is a duo we have been hearing about quite a lot and which most of us has experienced by scrolling our fingers on a tablet, trying to acquire the basics of a new language, for example.

Using IT tools to develop kids cognitive and learning skills helps not just in developing their existing abilities but also in identifying new ones and potential future interests along with the aspects of each child’s personality.

Supriya is Heading the Marketing division of Little Thinking Minds a startup founded in 2005 and focused on introducing learning programs and social initiatives to Arabic classes within the MENA region. The learning platforms and apps are designed by a Team of professionals whose aim is to build confidence in young minds through activities and boosting their learning abilities during their personal growth.

Her drive for kids and education sector has deep roots in her career which started very early when she was still at the University and joined Al Futtaim Group, a well established and known Company in the Middle East.

”When I had the opportunity to join a startup that was reinventing the education sector, I thought it was a fantastic leap to take’’, Supriya says.

She then decided she wanted to be in Education and really play an active role in children’s future and growth, which directly reflects in how tomorrow’s society will turn out. It does sound quite like a responsibility but it’s also a way to express creativity, adding a pinch of fun to the daily operations.

”I think in some way, being in this field it means you are shaping the future, even in a very small way but you do bring a strong contribution by influencing young minds.’’

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