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From Sicily to Washington DC: Enrica, Consultant at OSA

From Sicily to Washington DC: At The Organisation of American States with Enrica, Consultant at OSA

Enrica De Pasquale is an Italian talent hailing from Italy and based in Washington DC,USA working at the Department of Planning and Evaluation of the Organization of American States (OSA).

Trying to cope with the unceasing rhythm of the Capital, where ”the concept of rest doesn’t exist’’, Enrica has very clear ideas on the components she believes to be essential to successfully execute not just her role, as they are in fact applicable to all the working environments:

Have Curiosity: knowing the Organization/Company/Institution you work for like the back of your hand is the first step to bring a positive contribution to it. Even though you might not be specifically asked to go back to the roots of the Company, its formation, its areas of interests,  its deep values it stands for, is indeed your responsibility to do so in order to have a comprehensive vision of your second home.

Then, you got to have the right Communication Skills. This fundamental tool for the interaction with colleagues, superiors, stakeholders, will be necessary to apply for everyone who crosses your path. Also, being honest and speaking your mind can be tricky at times if you don’t know the best way to do it!

Lastly, as a piece of advice, be patient and have discipline. When thousands of people out there are struggling for the same goal, the accomplishment becomes harder and there’s no space for the hesitant.

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