Saturday, May 25, 2024
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Federica D’Andrea

Hi there!
I’m Federica, originally from Italy but living and working in Dubai, UAE. My corporate profession and expertise is directly related to my passion for marketing and communication within the financial space. In my career I was lucky enough to experience different lifestyles and working environments ranging from Europe, New Zealand and now the Middle East.

My passion for media, advertising and turning creative ideas into compelling stories led me to ​Be influenced​, a way to expand my network connections across the globe while interacting and creating a networking hub where people can exchange career tips and learn from each other’s experience.

After years of traveling I have recognized human relationships as the core of any kind of profession, while building and nurturing new connections can just add value to your career development and personal improvement.
It is indeed so important to share personal visions and achievements, but it’s even more important to share the worst failures. Learning from someone else’s past experience or at least be aware of the obstacles you are going to face when undertaking a specific path, can make the difference in super competitive realities and markets.

If my platform can serve to reach even a small portion of these goals, my purpose will be fulfilled.

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