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The ethics of doing business with Gabriel Nassar

Ambition Vs Patience – The ethics of doing business with Gabriel Nassar, Managing Director for Geberit Gulf

Gabriel is the Managing Director for Geberit Gulf Office which represents Geberit International, a leading Swiss Company specialized in sanitary items and bathroom fittings.

He initially goes through the concept of Emotional Intelligence which we are very used to hear about, nice-to have in corporate environments especially if you play a key role and deal with different bunch of people every day. Discern the feelings and use emotional sensations to think and behave goes along with the capability to adapt change management skills, as the world goes fast and Dubai’s changing pace speeds even faster than the average.

Professional success for him is instead seeing other people progression in terms of career development, people you have trained and nurtured over time who reach higher levels step by step thanks to your contribution, but is also that feeling of satisfaction when looking up at a public project you have contributed in building from the scratch ”It’s like looking at your child!’’. He defines Leadership as the capacity of influencing others in a good way:

”A leader helps you developing your job more efficiently, advance faster, brings value and enriches your path, but most importantly being recognized as a leader rather than you identifying yourself in the definition is what matters. When you are adding value to people’s lives they will recognize you as a leader automatically’’ Gabriel states.

When he is asked to address his the best advice to young people he pairs up ambition with patience, a condition hard to maintain in highly-competitive markets where the rush to be the first has no finish line: ‘’Ambition is good, but too much is not good any more’’.

We should in fact give things their own time to mature.

If too much ambition will shift your focus, there is the risk you get distracted from your current task and objectives aiming at something which is way too distant from your current level of expertise. And if you become blind, you will no longer be able to distinguish where your true expertise stands.

It would perhaps be much better to try slashing the career timeframe by putting all your efforts in doing what you’re doing, ‘’Once you get the right amount of experience the doors will open up for you’’.

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