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Continue to Choose Education- Jordana, Director Dubai EMBA Programme at London Business School

”Continue to Choose Education” Jordana’s motto, Director Dubai EMBA Programme at London Business School

If you do think of an international career, you bet Jordana ticks all the boxes.
She comes from Argentina, has worked in the USA, moved to China for an MBA. Jordana is now as the ambassador of EMBA Dubai Programme at London Business School in the UAE.
Her daily inspiration comes from the adult students: at their 40s, they’re still eager to learn and challenge themselves while managing busy daily schedules.
With such a strong education background it is not a case that her best advice career-wise is ‘Continue to choose education. Never stop learning and differentiate yourself’’.
Indeed cultivating passions, hobbies and interests make yourself unique and create a genuine competition with people who pursue a similar goal in life. If you do work on differentiating yourself you will never be like anybody else. You will be you only with all the features that characterize your own identity and all advantages that this will generate.
Jordana brings her own examples of choosing a peculiar major in college which nobody else of her colleagues pursued. She knew it would have not defined her future career, it helped a lot in shaping her personality and way of thinking when approaching the world of work.
She then integrated her University path with a master in no-profit management and finally decided to give her background an Asian twist to attend her Master in Business Administration.
Jordana also highlights a very interesting topic when appreciating Be influenced platform.
She believes it helps humanizing the job roles and people behind them. It is very true we tend to idealize a bunch of people by their titles, because he is or she is the CEO or the Owner of that renowned company. As a result we perceive them as unachievable, like we will never get to talk to them or to ask them for a suggestion. At the end of the day, as Jordana points out are people like anyone else. People who have differentiated themselves following the right steps to make it to the top of recognized organizations pursuing their goals.

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