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Interviewing Josh Busteed, CCO for Arabian Radio Network

‘Avoid decisions based purely on money’ – Interviewing Josh Busteed, Chief Commercial Officer for Arabian Radio Network

All the way from Sydney, Josh was scouted by a recruiter on Linkedin 7 years ago and initially thought he was a joke. After having verified the source and analyzed the offer he flew straight to the UAE, where he is now the CCO for Arabian Radio Network, the region’s biggest radio network with a group of 9 stations.

Hearing from Executive Professionals like Joshua we longed to know what he considers the biggest mistake he has done in his career, and the answer was taking decisions led by money: ‘’Both times they ended up being, let’s say, learning experiences’’- and he goes ‘’money is surely an important feature of everyone’s life, but decisions shouldn’t be taken just according to that’’.

Changing working environment is something we all experience over years but the reason that leads you to that choice might change from one person to another. For sure, a wide percentage of people would grab the opportunity if more money is involved without thinking it twice.

Some others would instead give more importance to the job itself, the management, the team, the career development scenario and ultimately the salary offered.

It is a recurring phenomenon nowadays, especially in fast-paced environments and dynamic markets such the one of the UAE, landing a job and a few months later looking for another opportunity with a better package or higher position without considering, as Josh states, the loyalty factor and long service Companies are seeking in employees.

On the other hand, it should be said you don’t always get the same treatment. Companies are not eternally loyal to you when it comes to shashing the costs, restructuring whatsoever. Provided that each decision is totally subjective, it probably should be taken splitting up objective factors, personal feelings and forward looking mentality.

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