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Solving Complex Travels Issue with Serial Entrepreneur Muhammad Chbib

Solving Complex Travels Issue with Serial Entrepreneur Muhammad Chbib, Former CEO of

Muhammad is a Serial Tech Entrepreneur, former CEO and Co-Founder of a leading global travel platform born in the Middle East which reached almost 1$ billion in sales within less than 4 years,  

His extended experience as an Entrepreneur shaped his way of setting up, scaling and setting forth businesses of the Online Travels Industry and now he’s dedicating to solving the complex travels arrangements demand, targeting a specific untapped audience which reaches almost the 30% of the world population.  

Starting from the discomfort arisen from logistic matters such as transfers, bookings, itineraries for unknown destinations, his goal is to revolutionize the travelers’ experience by delivering a quality service with no disappointments.  

Over the years he has recognized sales skills to be essential for an entrepreneur- ‘’being able to sell yourself, your concept, an employment to a candidate, that’s an essential skill you need to have’’, he says. Along with it, being able to look beyond people’s abilities identifying their strengths, hidden potential and weaknesses, helps entrepreneurs in their journey towards success.

While building an empire on your own it is clearly classifiable as a successful achievement, Muhammad believes the way you influence and enhance people who grow with you will remain as a permanent condition against the possibility of a Company to go bankrupt, hence it is the highest denotation of success. In his words, ‘’People that you personally grow, when you give them skills, knowledge, energy, these people will have impact on other people’s lives, so they become your multipliers’’.  

By infusing our energy and values on others we are acting in a forward-looking mentality and influencing others in a good way. Guess that it what is all about!

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