Founder and CEO of Franchise Arabia, Omar Al Haza’a

Founder and CEO of Franchise Arabia, Omar Al Haza’a

Founder and CEO of Franchise Arabia, Omar Al Haza’a

Talking Business Franchise Opportunities and the Importance of a Personal Brand with the Founder and CEO of Franchise Arabia, Omar Al Haza’a, Recognized SME Influencer of the Year

With over two decades of franchising expertise, Mr.Omar Al Haza’a is dedicated to his award-winning business Franchise Arabia helping investors in setting up their own franchise activity in the MENA region.

The Jordan Entrepreneur is extremely passionate and devoted to what he does and a fierce supporter of his definition for human beings success: ‘’Am I living the life I want to live? Am I doing the things I want to do? If the answer is yes, that for me is the ultimate success. Either you are a kindergarten teacher, a bus driver or a Company CEO, doesn’t matter as long as you ask yourself these questions.‘’

Behind him a story of determination, persistence, and hard work on building a strong personal brand. It is something we are being imposed nowadays and he’s confident in affirming that if you haven’t built your own one yet you will be in trouble even in applying for a good job.

But what it a personal brand in a nutshell? It’s your own identity. ‘’You are what you are and who you are today because you’ve been working on it’’ Omar says, ‘’it is no easy thing and it will require time, but if you want to win the game, you have to change the way the game is played.’’

So it all comes to having your own space, building up your confidence and authority to dominate your persona and to transmit it onto others.


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