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Branded Entertainment- Rosemarie S. Content Director at Saudi Media Company

The importance of connecting with your audience and creating relevant content in the Branded Entertainment Industry- Rosemarie Saad Content Director at Saudi Media Company

Branding, Branding, Branding.

The way a product is introduced to the market, presented to its customers and communicates with its audience is part of the process of Branding. And even though social media and blogs are going crazy about the topic, looks like something relatively new but that has always existed, as Rosemarie points out.

”Nowadays is not just about the product itself, but the branding experience you offer to your clients’’ she says, ”over the years my experience has enabled me to act as a consultant for these brands, by becoming a trustful source when it comes to creating relevant content for them to cater to their consumers’’.

Rosemarie is currently committed to delivering relevant and quality content for the Television industry and the Saudi TV Network more specifically, setting as prior objectives the identification with the targeted audience by getting to know their preferences, lifestyle, passions, interests and so finding a common thread in order to touch the right spots.

Relying on trustful sources and the right team of researchers and data analysts will enable the brand itself to find the key passion point and speak the same language as the targeted consumers.

When it comes to Branding, innovating, researching and getting closer to your consumer is mandatory, and so it is being consistent to stay in the market. Being Dubai a very dynamic and international business hub it involves rapid changes and a super fast-paced rhythm which requires even more effort from this perspective.

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