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Showcasing Professional Public Speaking with Saana Azzam

Showcasing Professional Public Speaking with Saana Azzam, founder of MENA Speakers

Starting off by listing the awards and recognitions Saana Azzam obtained over time, we could mention her title as Sweden’s Female Economist of the Year in 2010 while she was on her way to a professional career in banking, when she suddenly bumped into public speaking engagements and decided to pursue this path after having seen the potential and lack of similar initiatives on the market.

A few years later she was declared among Sweden’s 101 ‘Supertalents’ in 2012, and recognized as a Top 30 Under 30 influencers in 2015 when she had already landed in Dubai and founded MENA Speakers.

Theikigai concept (生き甲斐) which can be translated into the ‘’reason of being’’ follows her definition of success according to which if you do something that you love, which you’re good at, useful for others and you get paid for it, Bingo.

Saana is a communication advocate and strives to keep the public engaged during conferences, speaking seminars and any kind of event where audience talking is required.

Investing in your personal development and overcome reticence is indeed essential nowadays, as physical and verbal communication will affect any kind of relationship. In the social era the world expects from us to be born communicators,  but it comes without saying that the ability to inform, persuade and entertain at the same time does not belong to all human beings. However, the good news is, as Saana remarks ‘’you can get trained by personal coach and in a couple of hours get rid of that fear!’’.

Communication is a universal skill, a pass par tout towards any kind of profession and the key to building long term relationships.

Also, speaking the truth and being genuine when saying something will make the difference as non verbal communication is being analyzed too, and most of the time we tend to pull facial expressions which are not in accordance to what we are stating. Be aware!

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