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‘Success is Progress’- Executive Director Sandeep Jaiswal

”Success is Progress” Azizi Executive Director Sandeep Jaiswal highlights the importance of taking risks in your career

Sandeep is a professional in the field of Real Estate, Heading the Customer Service Collection and After Sales division of a Middle Eastern leader developer Azizi Group.

He has experienced a very humble start and even his career didn’t really follow a straight line in terms of industry, and that resulted in nothing but an added value to his genuine personality and contributed to the results he has achieved. Having 1.100 people reporting to you in a corporate environment is not exactly like peeling an apple, but he fiercely believes in the concept of leadership as a real collaboration with the team, showing them what to do rather than tell them and use the power to dictate.

Summing up, what you have done up to a certain time of your life doesn’t really determine your life forever but instead you always hold the necessary tools to give your life a twist by changing industry or even role, and this might be valid not just professionally speaking.

Maybe is not a coincidence that ‘’all great minds and entrepreneurs all started from zero’’ like Sandeep remarks, meaning that starting from a less favoured environment might actually help you achieving higher levels since you are being boosted by a stronger motivation.

His definition of success stands in the personal progress comparing your old self Vs the current one: you have become a successful person because you spent time improving your skills, reading about things you didn’t know and taking more risks which will lead you further. Because ”if you take risks, you will make mistakes, you will lose’ – he says- ”but eventually, you will raise”.

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