Monday, December 11, 2023
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Making an Impact on People’s Lives

Making an Impact on People’s lives- Haifa Dia Al-Attia, Founding CEO of Queen Rania Foundation Mrs.Haifa is a Senior Executive...

Continue to Choose Education- Jordana, Director Dubai EMBA Programme at London Business School

''Continue to Choose Education'' Jordana’s motto, Director Dubai EMBA Programme at London Business School If you do think of an international career, you bet Jordana...

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Biography of a Marketer – Souha Dalloul

It all started in Kuwait, where I was born and raised, and had a curiosity why we do the things we do and buy the things we buy. At the time, mainstream was the norm, and we all pretty much thought, acted, ate, bought and even watched more or less the same things.

Communication Beyond the Pandemic Matteo Prato on Tourism Marketing at the times of Covid-19

Managing Director of Tourism Hub, a Branding and Marketing Agency based in Turin, Italy, Matteo is a seasoned marketer and entrepreneur with a passion for communications.

Sustainability to Restart. A Post-Pandemic Growth Strategy, Interview to Dr.Corrado Sommariva

Sustainability seen as a way to rise again in a post-pandemic phase. A way to restart by thinking on the environment, which we have been seeing completely transformed in the last few months of coexistence with Covid-19.

”Life is a journey, not a destination” – Valerio Vadalá, Italian Associate Lawyer in Milan

Who are you today? Valerio, a qualified lawyer in Italy and waiting to be qualified also in France. In Milan,...