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Medicine: Reinventing your Profession? Yes, you can!

Medicine: reinventing your profession? Yes, you can! Get inspired by Claudia, Accomplished Nephrologist in Rome, Italy Claudia works as a Nephrologist in Rome since 2001, also freelancing as a reviewer for an English Medical Journal. A woman and doctor dedicated to her patients suffering from kidneys diseases and carrying on dialysis treatments, a delicate and [...]

Discovering the Common Thread of Medicine – Emotions Are Universal

Discovering the Common Thread of  Medicine, Emotions are universal - Ivana’s experiences across Asia Who are you today? I am Ivana, an Italian MD at her last year of specialization in Anesthesiology and ICM. As well known, becoming an Anesthetist is a long and tough journey, 5 years to add to the 6 for graduation and [...]