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”Life is a journey, not a destination” – Valerio Vadalá, Italian Associate Lawyer in Milan

Who are you today? Valerio, a qualified lawyer in Italy and waiting to be qualified also in France (hopefully nin November). In Milan, I’m an Associate Lawyer of an international law firm created by the merger of a British and an American with more than 45 offices globally (in  +24 countries) and over 2800 lawyers. […]

Sustainability and Engineering with Giulia Marzetti, EU Project Officer

Who are you today?(career-wise) I am a project management and sustainability professional with strong international experience. I am passionate about combining economic growth with environmental conservation and I am an advocate for the United Nation Sustainable Development Goals. I am fortunate enough to combine my passion with my work for the European government as a [...]

Basma Eissa focuses on persistence ’’Be the best version of who you want to be’’

Basma Eissa focuses on persistence ’’Be the best version of who you want to be’' Originally from Egypt but living in the hustle and bustle of Dubai, Basma is hired as the UAE Executive Director for R&P, a well established Italian Firm specialized in business consulting, while at the same time she’s acting as a [...]

Controlling and Reporting- The Dept. Head of Hilti Speaks

Graziano Melchiorre, Head of Controlling and Reporting at Multinational Manufacturing Company Hilti in Milan, Italy Who are you today? I am currently working at Hilti as Head of Controlling and Reporting for the Southern Europe Region. How did you get here? I got into this role few months ago after more than 8 years’ experience [...]

Enhancing Education Through Tech Innovation Programs

Education Technology: Enhancing Children’s Arabic Proficiency Through Fun-Tech Innovation Programs. A Chat with a Marketing Director Supriya Dominica Technology and Education is a duo we have been hearing about quite a lot and which most of us has experienced by scrolling our fingers on a tablet trying to acquire the basics of a new language, [...]

From Italy to Washington DC: Enrica, Consultant at OSA

From Italy to Washington DC: At The Organisation of American States with Enrica, Consultant at OSA Enrica De Pasquale is an Italian talent hailing from Sicily and based in USA, Washington DC, working at the Department of Planning and Evaluation of the Organization of American States (OSA). Trying to cope with the unceasing rhythm of [...]

Across Geopolitics with Chiara Palieri

‘‘If you want to win, forget about competition’’- Teamwork, dedication and resolution. Across geopolitics and international relations with Chiara Palieri Chiara is a young yet mastered Conference Director across the MENA region. By expressing a concept she makes a sharp statement going straight to the point: clear ideas and forward-looking mentality since a very young [...]

Branded Entertainment- Rosemarie S. Content Director at Saudi Media Company

The importance of connecting with your audience and creating relevant content in the Branded Entertainment Industry- Rosemarie Saad Content Director at Saudi Media Company Branding, Branding, Branding. The way a product is introduced to the market, presented to its customers and communicates with its audience is part of the process of Branding. And even though [...]