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Home Executives Meeting the GM of Meydan Golf Track Dubai, Tom Rourke

Meeting the GM of Meydan Golf Track Dubai, Tom Rourke

Staying in the Market and Avoiding Off-the-Radar Situations to Land a New Job – Interviewing the General Manager at Meydan Golf Track of Dubai, Tom Rourke

Thomas Rourke is a highly qualified Golf Professional now leading the Meydan Golf Track of the most vibrant city of the UAE, Dubai.

He strives to support the organization increasing its revenue through innovative programs and activities, guaranteeing the high standards are met while the company engine runs smoothly.

Many years ago he was assigned a fixed-term job in Saudi Arabia and after having optimally completed the project he found himself lost for a while between uncertainty and opportunity. He went through interviews, possible jobs to grab and other moments asking himself  ”do I really want this job?’’

As a result, he discovered some of the skills acquired on the field were not 100% transferable onto another job and found himself stuck for 9 months.

Dragging yourself into a long term job-seeking situation might lead to stress and burnout which negatively affect your employment research too. Tom stresses how important can be having a plan in mind before leaving your current job, outlining objectives and specific features before so you avoid frustration and don’t need to accept any job offer just because you need one.

Being a General Manager with a staff of 54 people also means to trust your Team and making them trust you by installing motivation and valuation every day, so their feeling of appreciation will translate into positive outcome for the business. Inclusion is also a key feature: sharing the data and analytics information of the company will not just make them understand deeply the strengths and lacks of the business but will also build up the willing of working together for a common objective.

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