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Trading in China – Raniero and his Shanghai-Based Business

Trading: Raniero and his Shangai-based business. A flexible activity made of responsibilities 

Who are you today?

I am Raniero, an Italian Intermediary Business Executive based in China, Shanghai. I am trading different category of goods ranging from lighting, hardware to electrical materials manufactured in China and exported to Center-South America. We are in constant expansion industry-wise and that’s perhaps what makes the demand grow on our product exports.

How did you get here?

I had the chance to attend several international projects while studying and afterwards, which certainly helped to get here in Shangai where I am now. The placement office support of my university Luiss Guido Carli was also a key component for my venture.

How would you describe your profession?

Unusual: Being a trader in China is a job like no other.

Managing different types of projects at the same time, each one opposite to another,  studying and always merchandising new products for customers with different needs: all these features make my job always demanding and yet rewarding.

Unexpected: Trading items means find yourself in one of a kind situation on a daily basis, and that includes new issues and constant concerns which make my business a 24/7 commitment, like all businesses.

Dynamic: thanks to my job I have the possibility to move and travel a lot but also to stay in constant movement to visit factories, customers, and seek new business channels.

Flexible: True, being an entrepreneur is not a 9am to 6pm job but it gives you an elastic status you cannot gain as an employee. I am the Boss of my own time, I decide how to manage it, whether I  focus on one task for 20h or possibly to leave it on a side for that day.

What does ‘success’ mean for you?

Build trust on people.

That’s where everything started from for me. I was not going after a working partnership or a way to put in practice my own ideas, but having built trust and empathy on people around me helped terrifically on a long run in achieving my goals, hence in feeling successful.

What’s the very best advice you would give to someone pursuing a working path like yours?

Stay curious and in a learn-willing status at all times. It’s pretty obvious but I believe it to be the basics for any job or career you intend to chase. Besides, this aspects might get forgotten quite easily when the competitive spirit blinds you.

How do you think Be influenced can be helpful to other people?

I believe Be influenced to be a very interesting platform for different reasons:

The networking activity between those who have already something in their hands can represent a win-win situation from many points of view.

For those having something in their mind but nothing on paper yet, could be crucial.

For those scouting talents, could be a great way to find out about people’s personalities, attitude and ambition.

And lastly, for those looking for a motivation and advice, it’s a positive-influence injection.

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