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Sustainability and Engineering with Giulia Marzetti, EU Project Officer

Who are you today?(career-wise)

I am a project management and sustainability professional with strong international experience. I am passionate about combining economic growth with environmental conservation and I am an advocate for the United Nation Sustainable Development Goals. I am fortunate enough to combine my passion with my work for the European government as a Project Officer specializing in innovation and green infrastructures.


What aspect of your profession are you in love with?

As an engineer by training now working in government, I am in love with my profession as I have the possibility to use technology to foster the EU strategic agenda in decarbonizing our economy.

I am a system thinker and always tend to look at the big picture outside “mental silos”, I believe in the cooperation of all disciplines and subjects to solve the most complex challenges and implement government policies. My work goes well beyond project management. It spans across international relations, government strategy, decision-making and sustainability. As a result, it has an impact on the society and on the EU transport and energy policy. Not only I get the chance through my profession to experience and influence so many different areas, but I also enjoy a great level of responsibility managing technology projects encompassing key stakeholders from a variety of sectors including regional government authorities, private sector entities, SMEs and start ups.

Another aspect I love about my profession is managing the deployment of cutting edge technologies and concepts to solve the most pressing challenges of our society and planet in the midst of climate change. I am also extremely grateful how my job pushes me outside my comfort zone every day, having the possibility to mock into different disciplines and meeting with high-level personalities and experts in the field.


Who/what do you feel inspired by on a daily basis?

I feel inspired by being the best version of myself every single day, building confidence and leadership in my profession and own knowledge. Across my career I have come across some influential female (and male) roles model in the field of science and policy which keep inspiring me on a daily basis, but I also keep looking at some bright stars which were trailblazers in their time. One of my role model and inspiration is Nobel Prize Winner Rita Levi-Montalcini. I firmly believe that you need to have your own master direction to follow and align to and great role models can be of help in guiding your choices and keeping your career direction always in mind.


What does ‘success’ mean for you?

For me success means being able to connect with your inner purpose and live it every day. I believe someone is successful if she manages to create a positive difference in the world and create a profession which combines someone’s own purpose, passion and values. The ability to create a greater impact and influence your surroundings in a positive way is for me also a key element of success.


What’s the very best advice you would give to ambitious people?

This is an advice I live by which is “Keep pushing yourself and go after opportunities even if they seem inaccessible for now”.
Earlier on in my life, I tended to be prepared (or feel prepared) before jumping at opportunities, but then I started applying Richard Branson saying “If somebody offers you an amazing opportunity but you are not sure you can do it, say yes – then learn how to do it later!” As a young achiever with inherent imposter syndrome, I had to do some hard work of constantly pushing myself outside my comfort zone to achieve some amazing opportunities in government and sas a speaker at high level conferences.

Someone once said to me “You’ll never be at the right age, at the right time. You will either be too young for success, or too old for success.” That one line completely shifted the way I viewed my professional path and myself and ever since I have encouraged myself and everyone else to be bold for change and be audacious in relentlessly going after your goals and dreams. Do not be scared of failures, but think about them as a feedback loop to improve upon your strategy. It took myself some patience, resilience and different iterations to move upwards and onwards within the engineering industry to ultimately impact the strategy that moves energy and transport policy implementation.

Mentorship is something I have engaged in and keep benefitting from, and I cannot advocate enough how important is for young people and professionals to find a mentor and engage in professional and personal development.


How do you think Be influenced can be helpful to other people?

The level of competence, and the professional and personal experiences, which this unique platform brings together, impresses me. Creating a strong network of like-minded people is pivotal when building a career and I trust Be influenced is doing a marvellous job in connecting professionals across geography and sectors.

As a female in engineering and as an engineer in government, I am passionate about advocating for the less travel paths and inspiring people to challenge the status-quo, I am therefore humbled if my story can be of motivation for others.

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